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Description Field Ind Field Data
Leader LDR cam a 00
Control # 1 ocn707964876
Control # Id 3 OCoLC
Date 5 20130711113845.0
Fixed Data 8 110426s2011 nyu 000 0 eng
LC Card 10    $a 2011928347
Cat. Source 40    $aDLC$beng$cDLC$dBTCTA$dUKMGB$dOCP$dAA5$dVP@$dYDXCP$dIOG$dCPL$dAGL$dBDX$dCDX
Tag 16 16 $a015869113$2Uk
ISBN 20    $a9780892968190
ISBN 20    $a0892968192
Local Ctrl # 35    $a(OCoLC)707964876
Obsolete 39    $a465461$cTLC
Authen. Ctr. 42    $apcc
Geog. Area 43    $an-us---
LC Call 50 00 $aTX369$b.S25 2011
NAL Call # 70 $aTX369$b.S25 2011
Dewey Class 82 00 $a641.3/02$223
ME:Pers Name 100 $aSalatin, Joel.
Title 245 10 $aFolks, this ain't normal :$ba farmer's advice for happier hens, healthier people, and a better world /$cJoel Salatin.
Edition 250    $a1st ed.
Imprint 260    $aNew York :$bCenter Street,$c2011.
Phys Descrpt 300    $axvi, 361 p. ; 24 cm.
Abstract 520    $aFarmer Joel Salatin is the 21st century's thinking man's farmer who believes that the answer to rebuilding America is to start with the family farm and for those farms to thrive, we all need to learn how to eat naturally again. Salatin's solutions as presented in the book are very simple and easy to implement in any American household, whether in the suburbs of Chicago, the mountains of Colorado, or urban life in New York City. On topic with today's sustainable living conversation and the entire green movement in general. Americans have embraced green living and are looking for ways to nourish their families with clean, wholesome food.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aNatural foods.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aSustainable living.
Subj:Topical 650  0 $aFood industry and trade.
Subj:Topical 650  7 $aSustainable development$zUnited States.$2sears
Subj:Topical 650  7 $aSelf-reliance.$2sears
Subj:Topical 650  7 $aEating customs.$2sears
Tag 994 994    $aZ0$bLZS
Tag 949 949 $aCVANF$d641.3 SALATIN$b34111506866073$p25.99